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RECUP is expanding its operations into Austria, providing the largest returnable system for the catering industry. RECUP has revolutionised the to-go packaging market in the catering industry by providing the first nationwide deposit system for food and drink packaging. The reusable system is now available to caterers and consumers in Austria.

Munich, 3rd April 2024 – With more than 20,000 partner companies in Germany, RECUP/REBOWL is the largest reusable solution for the catering industry and offers to-go providers and consumers an uncomplicated, cost-saving and attractive alternative to disposable packaging.

In view of the increasing amount of packaging waste, the expansion of RECUP into Austria is an important step. „The problem of disposable waste exists far beyond Germany. Over the past seven years, we have gained experience in solving this problem, optimised reusable products, shown that a nationwide delivery and return network works and experienced the opportunities that reusable packaging offers to the catering industry, consumers and the environment. We firmly believe that Austria is ready for a change in to-go packaging,“ says Fabian Eckert, founder and CEO of RECUP. To mark the launch of the system in Austria, a special RECUP was dedicated to the Austrian capital Vienna. The Vienna edition of the RECUP features the skyline with St Stephen’s Cathedral, the Burgtheater and other Viennese landmarks.

Denns BioMarkt is the first partner for the launch in Austria

With Denns BioMarkt, RECUP welcomes its first partner for the launch of the reusable to-go packaging system in Austria. From 1 April 2024, customers in the 35 Denns BioMarkt stores across Austria will be able to take their drinks to go in RECUP reusable cups for a deposit of 1 euro and their lunch in REBOWL reusable bowls for a deposit of 5 euros. The cups and bowls can then be returned to all Denns BioMarkt stores in Austria or to over 20,000 participating restaurants in Germany.

Transforming packaging with RECUP

The introduction of the RECUP system in Austria is intended to make an important contribution to the reduction of single-use packaging waste. According to the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, 680 million pieces of disposable packaging are used in Austria every year, which corresponds to 77,625 pieces of packaging per hour. RECUP offers an effective solution to reduce this figure and conserve resources. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, RECUP aims to make reusable packaging the standard in the catering industry and to positively change the packaging waste situation in Austria with a nationwide reusable deposit system based on accessibility, availability and strong partnerships.

With over 20,000 partner companies in Germany, including Burger King, Bio Company, Shell, IKEA, Aral and Alnatura, as well as system caterers, bakeries and many owner-managed cafés and restaurants, RECUP shows that reusable solutions can be easily and cost-effectively implemented in the catering industry. All cafés, restaurants, bakeries, kiosks, canteens and petrol stations participating in the RECUP and REBOWL reusable systems can be found in the map on the website and as a free downloadable app.