We’re looking for visionaries who inspire us.

Entrepreneurs whose actions and accomplishments demonstrate that their innovative business idea generates sustainable added value. Individuals striving to achieve ambitious goals and whose work aligns with our values and commercial standards. People looking to take the next major step in growing their business, with a strong, experienced partner by their side to support them.

Our areas of investment

Consumer & Retail

We invest in business models that place a focus on environmentally and socially responsible purchasing behaviour. It is vital to us that people can consume and utilise goods without negatively impacting the life chances of future generations or other regions around the world.

Energy & Cleantech

The systematic expansion of alternative energy sources such as wind, hydro and solar is very important to us. We therefore support companies that are driving forward the development of green energy supplies, thus paving the way for an uncompromisingly clean, independent future.

Food & Beverage

We support creative companies that play their part in uniting pleasure and responsibility in the food and drink we consume. They must also strive to promote healthy nutrition and utterly sustainable production processes.

Industry & Software

Digitalisation is revolutionising production activities, commercial processes and business models. We invest in talented teams that make novel, resource-conserving industrialisation solutions marketable and delight customers with intelligent software solutions.

Mobility & Transportation

Mobility will only become sustainable when methods of transport are utilised efficiently and resource consumption is drastically reduced throughout the entire life cycle. From our experience, we know what is possible and that pursuing your goals despite stiff resistance can yield rewards. With our profound expertise, an extensive network and the requisite endurance, we support ambitious undertakings out of conviction.

Sustainability Services

Services can sometimes have purposes other than simply meeting customers’ wishes. The evolution of society is producing fascinating, entirely new and logical needs for services that make our lives easier and create new ecosystems while also making an important contribution to protecting the environment. These are precisely the companies we invest in.

We support start-ups & young companies striving for growth

We support start-ups & young companies striving for growth:

Capital and Financing

We invest our capital deliberately and for the long term, working with ambitious and determined entrepreneurs to scale up sustainable business models.

Consultancy and Support

By adopting the right strategy, a clear focus and a pragmatic approach, we set the course for long-term growth and serve as a dependable partner to the companies in which we invest.

Experience and Expertise

We know from our own experience how to found and scale companies. The capital market is also familiar territory to us, so we can assist entrepreneurs aiming to secure financing or wanting to exit. We bring our wide-ranging expertise to bear in developing all our investments.

Network and Multiplier

We use our robust, far-reaching network spanning the worlds of business, politics and the capital market to open doors and help the companies in our portfolio to achieve greater public awareness.

A driving Force, focused on Professionalization

If you want to achieve ambitious goals, you need a convincing vision, a carefully considered strategy and a clear focus. We help the companies in our portfolio to lay the foundations and act as a catalyst, driving forward the development of innovative business models in professional processes.

Binding Processes and Procedures

As investors and entrepreneurs, our approach is characterised by an open exchange of ideas, transparent processes and binding decisions that help us to lead the way.

Join us to start your journey into a sustainable, more efficient future.

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