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reCup Becher und Bowl

This year’s 16th German Sustainability Award in the packaging category goes to Germany’s largest returnable system for the catering industry, RECUP/REBOWL. The award ceremony will take place on 23 and 24 November in Düsseldorf.

Munich/Düsseldorf, 31st October 2023 – RECUP has been awarded the 16th German Sustainability Award in the „Packaging“ category. In addition to winning the „Packaging“ category, the Munich-based company was also a finalist in the „Food and Luxury Food“ category. The official awards ceremony will be held at the Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf on 23 and 24 November. Federal Minister of Defence Boris Pistorius and Federal Minister of the Environment Steffi Lemke are expected to attend.

The German Sustainability Award is the national award for outstanding achievements in the field of sustainability. It honours players from business, local government and research who make an effective contribution to sustainable change through innovative products and services, high ecological standards in production or special social commitment in their supply chain. With over 1,000 applicants and 2,000 guests at the events, the award is the largest of its kind in Europe. Founder and Managing Director Florian Pachaly is delighted with the success: „As the winner of the German Sustainability Award, our packaging revolution has made it to the big stage! This stage is crucial because our success depends on many things: Consumers, restaurants, partners and political will. We dedicate this award to everyone who supports reusable packaging and reduces waste in order to finally make reusable packaging the standard“.

Sustainable transformation with RECUP
RECUP has been working for seven years to solve the waste problem in the to-go sector of the catering industry in Germany. The Munich-based company’s mission is to make reusable packaging the standard in the catering industry. With around 21,000 partner companies, including Burger King, Bio Company, Shell, IKEA and Alnatura, RECUP shows that reusable solutions can be easily and cost-effectively implemented in the catering sector and offers the answer to the reusable packaging obligation that will come into force in January 2023.

Waste problem
In Germany, huge amounts of takeaway packaging waste is generated every year: 4.5 billion food cartons, 2.7 billion disposable plates and 5.8 billion drink cups. This not only creates 190,000 tonnes of waste, but also over 830,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and has serious consequences, including global warming, polar ice melting and environmental pollution. (Source: Deutsche Umwelthilfe)

Founded in 2016 by Fabian Eckert and Florian Pachaly, reCup GmbH offers a simple, attractive and waste-free alternative to disposable packaging with Germany’s largest reusable system for the catering industry – RECUP/REBOWL. The RECUP to-go cups and REBOWL takeaway bowls are available in a wide range of sizes and are 100% recyclable. The range has been awarded the Blue Angel by the German government. The reusable cups and bowls can be borrowed and returned for a deposit at around 21,000 take-away and return points throughout Germany (cafés, restaurants, bakeries, kiosks, company canteens and petrol stations). The company’s mission is to make society aware of the problem of packaging waste and to eliminate the need for disposable packaging.