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Two leading providers of reusable solutions, reCup GmbH and Crafting Future GmbH, are joining forces. They are the first companies in the reusable packaging market to combine their expertise and work together towards one goal: a sustainable and circular ecosystem to eliminate single-use packaging.

Munich / Hannover, 28/09/2023 – After several years of successful partnership, Crafting Future GmbH will become a subsidiary of reCup GmbH. Together, the two companies have already developed the REBOWL, which will complement the RECUP in the product portfolio as of 2020 and is already in use in more than 7,500 of the 21,000 RECUP/REBOWL partner companies.

A strong partnership to respond to a dynamic market
The focus of the merger is to offer the best reusable solutions for an agile reusable market – with a reusable supply obligation, packaging tax and new regulations in the European packaging legislation. By joining forces, RECUP and Crafting Future are pooling their respective expertise. This brings Germany’s largest reusable solution even closer together with product and innovation know-how. „We want to continue to be the pioneers and trailblazers of reusable packaging and show that ecological and closed loop thinking and strong partnerships are the future of the market,“ says RECUP founder Fabian Eckert about the merger.

„We know that the problem of single-use packaging cannot be solved alone, and we are looking forward to expanding our existing partnership even further, working together to serve the entire reusable value chain and making reusability the standard in the long term,“ adds Can Lewandowski, one of the founders of Crafting Future.

About Crafting Future
Crafting Future is not only a developer and producer of measurably sustainable reusable containers, it is also a driver of innovation with the vision of avoiding waste and closing material cycles. The impact start-up has sustainability at the forefront of its thinking: products are designed from the outset to be optimally recyclable at the end of their life. In addition to its focus on product development, Crafting Future supplies around 5,000 outlets with customised white label solutions. These include a major food retailer as well as selected corporate caterers and restaurants.

With RECUP/REBOWL, reCup operates the largest returnable system for the out-of-home market in Germany and, with a partner network of around 21,000 catering outlets, offers an accessible and comprehensive alternative to disposable packaging. Creating a sustainable and circular ecosystem to avoid disposable packaging is the company’s vision.