Enpal offers the first integrated complete package for the carbon neutral home: solar system, storage system and wallbox, complemented by a greenhouse gas bonus, a green energy plan, a customer app and an intelligent energy manager. What makes it special is that, in addition to selling the systems, Enpal also offers leasing models and takes care of trouble-free operation. This saves customers the high purchase costs and allows them to benefit from an all-in-one carefree package. More than 55,000 homeowners have already switched to solar energy from Enpal.

Founded 2017
Series A 2019
Series B 2020
Series C 2021
Series D 2023
Why we invested

Enpal is characterised by truly visionary founders, a first-class team and an impressive growth trajectory. The team has succeeded in establishing Enpal as the first German green tech unicorn and the market leader for residential solar systems. We are proud to support Enpal together with world's leading impact and technology investors and actively shape the future of renewable energy and the energy transition in Europe.

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