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followfood TV-Spot

Nature and the climate are upside down. The destruction of our environment is progressing at breakneck speed. Now we still have it in our hands. We can’t bring back the past, but we can bring back our future! That’s why followfood is going on TV with a commercial – with an appeal that shakes people up.

For the first time since its inception, followfood is going on television and to the cinema with a commercial. However, the company does not see this spot as an advertisement, but rather as a stirring appeal. With this 45-second film, the company wants to make it clear to as many people as possible that their own behavior and sustainable food consumption can help to curb climate change, protect the oceans and prevent the biodiversity crisis.
In other words: to finally bring sustainability forward.

Because „What we eat changes the world.“ is not an advertising slogan for us. It is our firm conviction.

About the campaign and its hit

The work begins with evocative images of nature: Melted iceberg floes rising back up out of the water, felled trees rebounding, soils becoming fertile again, farmland no longer sprayed with pesticides, and insects returning. In this way, followfood wants to take viewers out of their daily routine and encourage them to think about agriculture that protects our ecosystems and allows nature to regenerate.
The emotional images are accompanied by an equally emotional song that became a hit in 1989 by the American singer Cher: If I could turn back time.

Quelle: Followfood