neoom offers private customers and small and medium-sized enterprises holistic, decentralised and future-proof energy solutions to tackle the energy transition smoothly and profitably. In addition to high-performance hardware such as solar systems with battery storage and charging systems for electric vehicles, neoom`s main feature is an independent energy management platform that connects and orchestrates all relevant energy devices. The Austrian company`s mission is to save more than one gigatonne of CO2 equivalents.

Founded 2018
Seed 2019
Series A 2021
Series B 2023
Why we invested

With our investment in neoom, we are supporting a team of leading climate and deep tech experts to drive the democratisation of the energy market. We believe that neoom`s holistic energy solutions with its proprietary energy management software have the potential to play a leading role in the transformation of the energy system, and we look forward to supporting the team with our entrepreneurial expertise as they take the next steps in their growth trajectory.

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